Aeron® PostureFit SL™

Remastered by Don Chadwick, 2016
Herman Miller®, U.S.A.

“How can you take something that is so well-known and rework it completely, and at the same time not lose the essence of it?” ~Don Chadwick

While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1994, the Aeron® Chair has been remastered from the casters up. With the help of Don Chadwick, the chair’s original co-designer, Herman Miller® updated Aeron® to incorporate more than 20 years of research on the science of sitting, as well as advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.

If an active body is at its strongest when standing, chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward, it makes sense that you would be better off sitting like that too. And that’s exactly where PostureFit SL™ comes in. Adjustable, individual pads stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic that healthful standing position.

Across the Aeron® 8Z Pellicle™ elastomeric suspension seat and backrest, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension envelop you as you sit, delivering greater comfort and ergonomic support. The new 8Z Pellicle™ also allows body heat to pass through to help maintain an even and comfortable skin temperature.

Aeron® is available in three tightly curated, holistic material expressions. Graphite is the darkest, a modern rendition of the classic Aeron® look. Carbon offers a balanced neutral for a modern chair that works equally well in both warm and cool environments. Mineral is the lightest, with a fresh, ethereal quality that borders on translucence.

Herman Miller® Aeron® PostureFit SL™ Product Information
Aeron® PostureFit SL™