Teema Collection

Kaj Frank, 1952
iittala, Finland

Teema is the classic expression of essential design thinking, with each object derived from the basic forms: circle, square or rectangle. As Kaj Franck put it, “Colour is the only decoration needed". Teema is highly versatile, endlessly combinable and serves all your changing dining needs.

Available in white, blue, black (selected items), pearl gray, turquoise, and celadon green.

Dinner Plate 10.25"ø
Salad Plate 8.5"ø
Bread & Butter Plate 6.75"ø
Square Plate 6.25" x 6.25"
Soup/Cereal Bowl 5.75"ø
Pasta Bowl 8.5"ø
Teacup 7.25oz & saucer
Mug 9.25oz
Mug 13.75oz
Teapot 1qt
Milk Jar 6.75oz
Mini Serving 3pc Set
Platter 13" x 9.75"
Platter 15" x 6.5"
Serving Bowl 1.65qt
Serving Bowl 3.25qt
Serving Bowl 3.5qt
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Teema Collection