Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, 2012
Foscarini, Italy

As slender as the branches of a tree, as graceful as a tropical bird, Birdie Suspension uses a variable number of arms with a white finish, supporting small coloured diffusers, whose shape is a reinterpretation of the classic lampshade. Birdie suspension lamp, whose elements spontaneously coalesce to give life to a friendly lamp, combines a smooth and familiar structure with a bold character.

Arms of different lengths can be positioned freely to bring the diffusers closer to, or further away from the central rod, creating a multitude of different silhouettes. Choosing one, three, six, or nine arms, makes it possible to create the simplest form, and gradually work up to the most elaborate ones with a larger amount of lights. Multiplying like a flock of birds, the scenic appeal of a sculptural work of art is achieved with Birdie Suspension, while still having the presence of a modern chandelier sillhouette.

Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, Birdie has a different personality depending on the colour you choose: in white, or grey, Birdie can be discreet and almost invisible, but in red or orange, Birdie becomes more of a prima donna, capable playing the starring role of a room.

Birdie Product Information