Puncto 4203

Seppo Koho
Secto Design, Finland

Crafted by hand in Finland, Secto Design lighting is an elegant study in Scandinavian simplicity. Light radiates through slats of birch in architect Seppo Koho’s designs, true to his credo that “light should softly invite people to come closer.”

These beautiful lampshades are crafted entirely by hand in Finland, from Finnish birch, by highly skilled craftsmen. The shades are made of laminated birch slats connected by rings of aircraft plywood.

Puncto 4203 has the option of a fluorescent or incandescent fixture, and the shade is available in : natural birch, white laminated birch, black laminated birch, and walnut veneered birch.

H 40 cm, Ø 45 cm.

Puncto 4203