Anderssen & Voll, 2013
Foscarini, Italy

A delicate and abstract bubble which appears to move through space, and fills the environment with a Northern white light: this is the image that immediately springs to mind with Yoko, the new table lamp by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll. Conceptual and ethereal, simple yet sophisticated, Yoko is a table lamp with a bold and modern aesthetic that challenges the archetypal form of a traditional table lamp. Yoko features a transparent diffuser resting on an illuminating body. Yoko is the perfect balance of simplicity and lightness, drawubg its inspiration from the image of a bubble about to burst resting on the light source.

Inspired by Nordic nature, the three delicate shades chosen for the diffusers are violet, green and orange. Their transparency, combined with the interior white light, combine to make reflections and hues into shades of calm and reflection.

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