Nelson Platform Bench

George Nelson, 1946
Herman Miller®, U.S.A.

Introduced in 1946, the Nelson platform bench remains a landmark of modern design. The clean, rectilinear lines reflect designer George Nelson's architectural background and his insistence on what he called "honest" design—making an honest visual statement about an object's purpose. The bench serves as a multipurpose display and resting place in offices, public areas, and homes.

The platform bench is whatever you need it to be: a bench for seating, a platform for displaying objects, plants, your MP3 dock, a low table for magazines, books, a bowl of fruit.

The bench is made of solid wood slats, which are spaced to let air and light through, and sealed with a clear-coat finish.

The legs are chrome-plated metal legs, with a choice of solid maple, or solid walnut wood slats.

The bench is 14 inches tall and 18-1/2 inches deep and available in three widths—48, 60, and 72 inches.

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Nelson Platform Bench