Artek Aalto Armchair 41

Alvar Aalto, 1932


The 41 “Paimio” armchair is one of the most beautiful chairs designed by Alvar Aalto. Its lightness and structural genius are without compare. The Paimio chair was created as part of the Paimio Sanatorium’s overall project, which commission was received by Alvar Aalto in 1929 after winning a design competition. Instead of using the traditional metal tubes, Aalto wanted something warmer and more human for the furniture. With this in mind, Aalto created the Paimio chair in 1931, which was manufactured from bent plywood and laminated wood. Aalto wanted to create pieces of furniture for the sanatorium which would promote functionalism, but also with their beauty, patients’ well-being. The Paimio Sanatorium’s design made Alvar Aalto famous worldwide as an architect, but it meant also the beginning of his career as a furniture designer.