Herman Miller® Eames® Molded Fiberglass Armchair Dowel Base

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Designer: Charles and Ray Eames, 1950
Manufacturer: Herman Miller®, U.S.A.

The Molded Fiberglass Armchair was designed on the principle of adaptability, offering innumerable configurations to serve a wide variety of applications and environments. It’s what makes it a classic worthy of museum collections—and living rooms, laundromats, lobbies, and cafés. The Molded Fiberglass Armchair is available in a spectrum of archival colors—in addition to numerous upholstery and base options—making it the perfect dining chair for a variety of spaces and styles.

The process for making shells and the nature of fiberglass mean that each shell is unique and can possess traits such as tiny cavities in the surface, small points of lighter or darker color, or faint circular shadows where base attaches to shell.

Dimensions: 25″ W x 31″H x 24″D

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