Artemide La Petite Floor Lamp

AR 1753038A
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Approximately 4 – 6 weeks

“La Petite walks on a wire, balancing between full and empty. There is no symmetry in its design, but there is an order. A subtle harmony of elements disassembled, in equilibrium at the boundary between light and dark” – Quaglio Simonelli

An archetypal lampshade balanced on a tilted stem, La Petite displays exquisite geometry.

A composition of simple forms matched with technologically advanced materials, this lamp clearly conveys the essence of Artemide.

The lightweight plastic lampshade contains two diffusers that produce a pleasant soft direct and indirect light.
The lampshade connects with the angled aluminum stem with minimal support whereby the tilted stem in counterbalanced by the lampshade’s volume.

La Petite is available on the wall, table & floor. White & black colors.

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