Foscarini Chouchin Suspension Light

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The family of Chouchin is a collection of three suspension lights made of blown glass of various shapes, sizes and colours. It includes three shapes, each with its own colour: orange for the n.1 version, grey for the n. 3 version and green for the elongated one n. 2. The lacquered glass screens the light completely and therefore the main body spreads light only where it is not coloured, through the white collar. It emits a very warm, gentle glow and a direct, strong, concentrated light.

Chouchin 1: Ø15 7/8” x 12 3/8” H, 134″ Cable
Chouchin 2: Ø8 7/8” x 17” H, 134″ Cable
Chouchin 3: Ø12” x 9 7/8” H, 134″ Cable

Light Source:
1×26W E26
LED Retrofit/Fluo, or 1×75W E26 PAR 30 Halo

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