GAN Bari Rug

GAN B167153
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BARI forms part of the WOOL collection of rugs made by GAN, GANDIABLASCO’s indoor brand, a collection that appeals to our senses; of smell, of touch and sight.

A sensorial celebration of all that is passed from one generation to the next, of the things that remain unchanged about the way we live and design the spaces that become the backdrop of our lives.

BARI is a rug made of wool expressed in a textured pattern that works equally when observed from afar as it does up close.

A texture that is subtle and sober, an expression that evokes the manufacturing technique used in its crea- tion, made by hand loom using 100% new wool. A rug that lends comfort, warmth and luxury to the spaces where it is used, integrating seamlessly with any style or décor.

100% wool. cotton backing

Technique: hand loom

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