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MA SD5494 GR
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A die-cast aluminium shell made up of many small, perforated and triangular faces. Chair_One is in a certain sense built like a football, i.e. with a series of flat elements joined one to the other at angles to create a three-dimensional shape. All this is achieved by exploiting the potential of die-casting which is a precise technology allowing complex three-dimensional shapes to be obtained from metal.

Material: legs in aluminium anodized or painted in polyester powder. Seat in die-cast aluminium treated with sputtered fluorinated titanium and painted in polyester powder. Suitable for outdoor use.

Dimensions: W 56 cm, D 47.5 cm, H 84 or 74 cm, Seat H 77 or 67 cm

Note: Magis products may have very long lead times. Please inquire before purchasing so as not to be disappointed.
14 – 18 weeks lead time

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