Spore De-Light Doorbell Button

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Designer: Ted Pierson and Tom Gordon, 2002
Manufacturer: Spore, U.S.A.

Our popular Delight button greets guests with a welcoming glow. Popular for residences as well as hospitality installations, the Delight is made of a firm polycarbonate material and is illuminated by a long-lived LED. Easy hardwire installation with new and most existing doorbell systems.

NOTE: These Spore doorbell buttons are for a WIRED-IN doorbell system, consisting of a doorbell button, a power transformer, and a doorbell chime. An electrical power source from inside the building connects the button to the chime using a power transformer to convert the electricity to a lower voltage. This transformer is NOT included with the doorbell button or chime. The power transformer required would be an 8-16V AC, or 6-12 DC.


Ø 6.5 cm x Depth 1.6 cm
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