Vipp 15 Rubbish Bin

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The Vipp15 pedal bin is a medium-sized trash can for the kitchen, office, or bathroom. Rubbish is a renewable take on the original pedal bin in 75% recycled materials. Wood leftovers from Vipp’s tabletop manufacturing and plastic waste is reprocessed and transformed into a new Vipp signature fibre material shaping the body of the bin. To minimize the use of steel, the Rubbish bin’s inner compartment is fitted with a metal ring for the mounting of bin liners replacing the standard galvanized inner bin.

Materials: Vipp fiber material made from waste plastic and sawdust.

Dimensions: H. 52 cm / 20.8 in. W. 30 cm / 11.8 in

Volume: 14 L / 4 gal

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