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The Vipp rack is a modular shelving system available in four configurations. This is the low version of the Vipp racks, and it comes with three shelves. The low rack is a stand-alone unit and it can be extended with the Vipp rack extension, low.
The Vipp rack comes in four configurations. Choose a stand-alone low or tall rack and add matching low or tall extension units for endless modularity.

The Vipp rack, low is a versatile storage option. Its modest height allows the low rack to function as an airy room-divider or a classic modular bookcase. Adding to its functionality, the low rack can be extended with the Vipp474 rack extension, low.

Inspired by practical shelving systems of many hobby rooms, the Vipp rack is industrially tooled in classic Vipp powder-coated steel and aluminium.

The Vipp rack offers the opportunity to shift between height positions and appearance of the shelves. This allows for individual customization for indoor spaces and use.

Materials: Powder-coated steel and aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic shelf top. View care instructions
Dimensions H x L x D: 36.1 x 47.2 x 18 in
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