BM 476 Pernilla 1 Plaited Webbing

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Mi 476 Pernilla 1

Designed in 1943

Armchair with seat of solid birch. Armrests and base of glued book.
Surface treated with clear lacquer, as an alternative untreated.

The seat is braided with a saddle belt made of linen, light or natural.
The linen belt is woven in Sweden from European linen and is specially developed for our armchairs.
Equipped with pillow upholstered with upholstered in leather Elmosoft 54035.

Alternatively dressed with black saddle belt, cross-knit upholstery or sheepskin.


Mi 476A Armrest
cushion Deep-stitched in polyether (CMHR) upholstered with any fabric or leather. Can not be retrofitted.

Fabric consumption for 1 pair: 70 cm at 130 cm width
Leather consumption: 70 × 70 cm.

Mi 432 Mifot

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